Wadestown Veterinary Clinic & Cattery
1 Grosvenor Tce, Wadestown, Wellington | PH 04 472 2012


Cattery - Please contact us on 04 4722 012 or info@wadestownvet.co.nz for all bookings and enquiries.

Cattery Admission and Collection Times

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 10.00am and 4.30pm - 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 10am
Sundays: Closed

*Cattery admissions/discharges and the hospital are closed on all public holidays/observed public holidays.

You are welcome to view our boarding facilities by arrangement during our admission/collection times.

We house each animal individually, with the exception of compatible housemates. This lowers stress levels, lowers infectious diseases, prevents fights and enables us to accurately monitor each animal's progress by checking that their eating and toileting habits are normal. This also prevents food theft and allows for cats to be on specific diets as per their medical requirements.

We feed our guests Hill's Science Diet  dry and wet food during their stay with us, unless they have specific dietary requirements. We cater for cats of all ages and medical requirements, so please bring any medications with you. The cattery is on-site at the clinic so if you have any concerns about your cat's health please notify our friendly staff upon arrival, and if necessary they can be attended to by the vet during their stay. All cats are checked in by a veterinary nurse on arrival and are carefully monitored for signs of stress or illness during their stay.

We require all cats to have current vaccination certificates presented before arrival if we do not hold their medical records. If your cat is not up to date with its vaccinations at the time of entry to the cattery we may not be able to board your cat. For a small additional cost, we can also treat your cat for fleas and/or worms, groom them and clip their nails during their stay.

We will not perform any procedures on your cat that require sedation or anaesthetic while you are away however, with the exception of veterinary emergencies only. Routine and non-urgent surgeries can be booked for when you are home.


Boarding per day:
(December 2023 - November 2024)
$25 for one cat
Cats Sharing a cage per day: $45 for two cats
Medications per day: $2 per day
Nail Clip: $21 - $25

Flea treatment:

Worming treatment

Flea and worming treatment combined

$17 (1 month)


$32-$40 (1 month)

Cuddles: FREE

Prices are inclusive of the arrival and departure dates. All prices are inclusive of GST.

If your cat is on a Prescription diet you are welcome to bring a bag with you. If not we will charge a bag to your bill.

PLEASE NOTE: due to health and safety concerns for our staff we no longer feed raw food to boarding cats.

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